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Change is always happening in the rapidly growing modern commercial market, which means that structures within that market need to be built with future flexibility in mind. By emphasizing cost effectiveness and efficiency, the engineers of Snell can design buildings in the commercial market in ways that can accommodate growing businesses, shifting work styles, and new technologies. That means that we can offer our clients full design services that will last even as they change, design those structures using quality materials, and we can do so at a reasonable price.

Snell can do more to modernize commercial spaces than design them from the ground up, though. We offer threshold inspection, peer review, and restoration services as well as our structural design services – which means that, with Snell, even existing buildings can be prepared for the future.

Commercial Market

Featured Project

Conley Subaru

Bradenton, Florida

Market: Commercial

Architect: Garry Roberts Architecture

The Conley dealerships have been around for a 20+ years and when it came time for them to bring a Subaru dealership under their dealership, we were happy to be called. The simple construction and large overhang allow for everything they needed at their Subaru lot and because of the efficiency of construction type, the project was able to come in under budget.