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Mixed Use

Mixed Use Market

Supporting Life

Combining residential and commercial buildings into one well-designed community is a growing trend for a good reason: the convenience of mixed-use locations makes them popular for just about anyone of any age or lifestyle. These areas are efficient and functional but generally come with the addition of aesthetic expectations. Residents of mixed-use developments often want their combined residential, commercial, and cultural communities to look modern and beautiful, which leads to an added factor in the design and engineering process. Making structures that maintain a modern and stylish appearance for years, or finding ways to allow for modernization and growth in the future, is something that Snell keeps in mind when offering its complete design services to projects in the mixed-use market.

Maintaining the standards of these locations is also important, which is why Snell's experienced and dedicated engineers offer their special inspection services as well. As the mixed-use market grows with the popularity of these combination communities, ensuring that all projects meet code requirements and upkeep is part of our mission.

Mixed Use Market

Featured Project

Army Residence Community

San Antonio, Texas

Market: Mixed Use

Architect: RLPS Architects

Developed in 1982 for career military officers, spouses, and widows, the Army Residence Community brings together people with shared backgrounds and values. This senior living community provides amenities such as a movie theater, chapel, three dining venues, a state-of-the-art fitness center, medical clinics, rehabilitation facilities, putting green, a dog park, and numerous clubs to encourage an active lifestyle for their residents.