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Multi-Family Market

Supporting Living

Like any market, special considerations need to be made when designing and planning construction for multi-family structures. Apartment buildings, condos, and other multi-family communities can often seem boring or overly simple, which might lead to them eventually falling into disrepair. Designing solid structures with the right materials and with a mind for aesthetics is the best way to ensure longevity for these buildings. By putting the future of the buildings at the forefront, Snell's engineers can lend their impressive experience to the creation of spaces that can grow as the need grows, all the while maintaining long-lasting cosmetic appeal.

With all our experience, Snell also offers special inspection services in the multi-family market in addition to our full design services. Even if we are not leading as the structural engineers in charge, we have the expertise, integrity, and focus on quality necessary to ensure any multi-family project succeeds.

Multi-Family Market

Featured Project

Bayside Club

Sarasota, Florida

Market: Multi-Family

Architect: Hoyt Architects

This 5-story, 362,000 square foot structure contains 127 apartments and 126 condominium units as well as 9,000 square feet of commercial space at the ground level. The structural system is masonry walls supporting pre-cast hollow core slabs for the elevated floors and roof. Masonry shear walls are used to resist lateral loads on the structure. The 140,000 square foot, 5-story parking garage provides ample parking spaces for residents and visitors.