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Religious Market

Supporting Worship

The complex designs of religious buildings offer unique challenges to engineers, as does the necessity for religious structures to last a long time, have room for expansion, and have the capability of hosting large numbers of people. Places of worship are more than just buildings to the people who visit them: they are also frequently the epicenters of communities and sites for socialization, celebration, and comfort. To make things even more interesting for engineers like our team at Snell, buildings in the religious market generally have to be developed on a restricted budget – without sacrificing materials, functionality, or style quality.

At Snell, our experienced team can take a design for a religious building from conception to completion in an efficient, cost-effective manner – all while still making a structure that is of good quality and pleasing to the eye.

Religious Market

Featured Project

Bible Baptist Church

Bradenton, Florida

Market: Religious

Architect: C. Alan Anderson Architect, P.A.

Bible Baptist Church is an excellent example of harmonious form and function. The design intended to allow for an increased congregation size without building too large or over budget. The structural system is a mix of a pre-engineered metal building, surrounded by masonry bearing and steel beams and columns supporting pre-engineered steel bar joists. The pronounced porte-cochere is a favorite, with the steel tube sections sloped from column to column to allow the arches to align across the front elevation.