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From hotels to restaurants, the hospitality industry involves a broad range of establishments that each require unique considerations when it comes to structural design and development. In the hospitality field, a primary concern is comfort for visitors – whether they're staying for just a single dinner in a local restaurant or for several nights in a hotel – and we approach projects with this in mind, ensuring we engineer spaces that meet our clients' needs. Furthermore, we work with an understanding of budget constraints and future flexibility, trying our best to create spaces that can grow as a business does while remaining appealing and inviting to customers.

Snell has contributed our expertise to projects across the hospitality market, working on complete structural design endeavors as well as assisting with alteration and restoration services to help take an existing property to a new, more modern level.

Hospitality Market

Featured Project

Lila Restaurant

Sarasota, Florida

Market: Hospitality

Architect: Hoyt Architects

Lila Restaurant is situated on Main Street in downtown Sarasota. When dealing with buildings 50+ years old, it is all about unique ideas to allow for suspended mechanical and architectural components, such as the large drop above the bar top. We were able to utilize existing framing while adding only minimally to ensure this could be supported.