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Peer Review Services

Evaluating project designs is part of the process of ensuring public safety, which is why Snell offers peer review services to others within the engineering field. Our professional expertise can confirm that an engineering project is free of errors or potential problems, allowing for peace of mind regarding projects currently under development and confidence for projects still within the design phase. Peer review is an important way to check for code compliance, risk management, quality, and even cost – and Snell is willing and able to assist.

Independent peer reviews might be required by certain state building codes or purely voluntary by building officials. Either way, peer reviews are beneficial to all involved, including engineers, building owners, and future residents or visitors to the building in question. Taking on a non-adversarial approach to engineering projects allows us to learn as well as share knowledge with others in our field, which is an important aspect of our roles as engineers.

Peer Review

Featured Project

Ringling College Bridge Hall

Sarasota, Florida

Market(s): Education, Mixed Use

Architect: Ayers Saint Gross

Student housing became necessary as the Ringling College of Art and Design campus expanded its classroom and resource facilities. The new 77,200-square-foot student housing project houses 183 beds. A new bridge was designed to cross the nearby bayou and additional boardwalks around the building. The college needed the housing ready by the Fall semester, causing an expedited three month design and construction document phases and 14-month build time.