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Snell Engineering Consultants, since its beginning, has been focused on one thing: supporting architecture.

We strive to provide structural engineering at the highest level, to be responsive and thoughtful engineers who have a disposition for solving problems. As a full-service structural engineering firm, we provide complete design, peer review and threshold inspections for every level of project. As our firm has continued to grow, our expertise has grown as well, leading us into new marketplaces. We continue to support commercial, healthcare, municipal and religious, as well as residential projects throughout all of the southeast United States.

In addition to the support we provide architects, owners and contractors at all levels of structural design, we also provide some technological advantages over competitors. We have been operating strictly REVIT since 2016 and have 3D LiDar scanning capabilities.

Snell Services

Structural Design

At Snell, our team of highly skilled, experienced engineers can provide structural design services for any project in any market, all within a reasonable budget. When we are contracted for structural design services, we make efforts to know the relevant details. Not only of the proposed structure of the physical building and its eventual usage but also the characteristics of its location and how that location might affect materials, cost, and framework. Our team designs from all angles, assesses potential difficulties, and combines the practical requirements of construction with the desired aesthetics of any given project to create something safe and visually appealing.

Snell Services

Building Information Modeling

Snell can apply Building Information Modeling (BIM) to enhance the efficiency of a project, ensuring that any building can move from design to construction with reduced difficulties. This integration of digital tools and engineering knowledge in a way that gives all involved a fuller understanding of what a building will look like, how it should be built, and estimated costs enhances the communication process for a project and improves efficiency. The data gathered with BIM also extends past construction as useful information for maintenance activities or renovation projects in the future.

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Peer Review

Snell views the extension of our expertise to other engineering firms in the form of peer review as an integral part of our role as respected professionals. Not only is peer review an important way to check for code compliance, risk management, quality, and even cost, but it is also a mutually beneficial way to share knowledge - and Snell is more than willing to assist with peer review services. Evaluating the project designs ensures public safety and allows for peace of mind regarding projects currently under development or confidence for projects still within the design phase.

Snell Services

Threshold Inspections

Snell has a reputation for integrity and quality that goes beyond our full design services. We also offer threshold inspection services, applying our decades of experience to ensure that structures are as safe as possible during and after construction. Snell offers threshold inspections from certified inspectors and structural engineers so you can be certain your building is structurally sound and adheres to design specifications set during the structural design phase of the project. Our dedication to doing the job right means a safer, higher-quality building – no matter the market, design, or future purpose.

Snell Services


The restoration specialists at Snell apply their knowledge of materials, site conditions, use, and history to take a building from disrepair and disuse to something new. New constructions aren't always necessary, but codes change, structural integrity declines, and buildings eventually look shabby or outdated. Snell offers restoration services ranging from a complete overhaul of an existing building to a simple refresh of the building's design or façade.