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Structural Design Services

Structural design is one of the first and most essential steps in the process of taking a building from concept to reality. A building doesn't exist without structural design establishing its shape and form. A building should not exist without qualified, experienced, and detail-oriented structural engineers ensuring the design is safe and structurally sound. In our history of structural design, we've been involved in a wide range of projects, from large-scale residential communities to smaller single buildings, and each was approached with individualized care and consideration.

When Snell is contracted for structural design services, we make efforts to know the relevant details. Not only of the proposed structure of the physical building and its eventual usage but also the characteristics of its location and how that location might affect materials, cost, and framework. Our team designs from all angles, assesses potential difficulties, and combines the practical requirements of construction with the desired aesthetics of any given project to create something safe and visually appealing.

Senior Living Market

Featured Project

Cypress Grove

Ft. Myers, Florida

Market: Senior Living

Architect: RLPS Architects

The Cypress Cove senior living community offers hybrid apartment buildings and duplex villas that all share one common element, an amazing view of the preserve. The villa homes are situated just to the south and east of this Ft. Myers retirement community and serve as the staples to its independent living community. Construction of the homes was wood-framed walls and trusses with monolithic concrete slabs.