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Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services

Applying technological innovations to structural engineering allows more control, conceptualization, and understanding throughout the lifecycle of a construction project. Building Information Modeling, or BIM, integrates digital tools and engineering know-how to give all involved a fuller picture of a building and how it should be built. From planning to operation, BIM helps the communication process for a project, as clear digital representation brings a concept to life and creates data that can help better detail everything from materials to cost.

By connecting team members and streamlining data during every stage of a project, BIM increases communication and decreases the chances of something going wrong. And the use of Building Information Modeling doesn't cease being important once construction is complete. Instead, the data gathered during the build is often used after the build phase to plan for renovations. All that information benefits any maintenance activities necessary while a building is in use. Snell can apply BIM to enhance the efficiency of a project, ensuring that any building can move from design to construction with reduced difficulties.

Building Information Modeling

Featured Project

Blakeford at Green Hills

Blakeford, Tennessee

Market(s): Senior Living

Architect: RLPS Architects

This 136,500 square foot addition at Blakeford at Green Hills consists of construction of a new 7-story residential tower and new assisted living wing at the existing campus. The 7-story building is comprised of 2 levels of majority parking and pool/office space and the remaining five levels are housing units. This building is approximately 114,000 not including garages, balconies and connecting corridors to the adjacent building. The new 2-story assisted living wing is approximately 22,500 square feet and with wood framing and shallow concrete spread footings. The 7-story building is concrete cast-in-place slab with five floors of wood framing above.  Explore our 3-D Model.